Hymn for Ceylon

  1. Jehovah, Thou hast promised
    The isles shall wait for Thee The joyous isles of ocean
    The jewels of the sea
    Lo! we, this island’s watchmen
    Would give and take no rest
    For thus hast Thou commanded
    Till our dear land is blessed
  2. Then bless her mighty Father
    With blessings needed most
    In every verdant village
    By every palmy coast
    On every soaring mountain
    O’er every spreading plain
    May all her sons and daughters
    Thy righteousness attain
  3. Give peace within her borders
    Twixt man and man goodwill
    The love all unsuspicious
    The love that works no ill
    In loyal lowly service
    Let each from other learn
    The guardian and the guarded
    Till Christ Himself return
  4. To Him our land shall listen
    To Him our peoples kneel
    All rule be on His shoulder
    All wrong beneath His heel
    O consummation glorious
    Which now by faith we sing
    Come, cast we up the highway
    That brings us back our King!



Book: Page 39

Translations: සමිඳූනි දිවයින්; பிதாவே ஆழி சூழும்

Scripture Reference: Is 60:9; Is 62:7; Lk 2:14; Eph 5:31-32; Phil 2:10

Download slides: PDF

Download sheet music: SATB



  1. Wonderful rendition of a hymn I remember from my schooldays, and sung by my old school.
    I DID NOT LIKE the picture of the soldier with a gun. This is a song of peace and harmony. Bullets have no place.

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